Founded in 1992 by Mr Michael Lim.

Motorway has successfully continued to expand at a phenomenal rate over the past 20 years under his leadership and entrepreneurial vision since its inception.

Today, it stands as one of Singapore’s leading brands in the pre-owned car industry, official dealer for Korean SUV & MPV manufacturer, SsangYong, as well as for the reverred Swedish Hypercar manufacturer, Koenigsegg.

Motorway Group of companies comprises of eight businesses and companies, each dedicated to provide and service every possible automobile related demand, offering our customers a one-stop, complete and seamless experience.

Our success has always been based around delivering quality products with unparalleled service standards to our customers. Our extensive network and depth of expertise command one of the largest fleet of pre-owned and rental fleets in Singapore complemented by our in-house maintenance and workshop facilities as well as motor insurance and financial services.

Our Companies

Motorway Pte Ltd Motorway PL is the exclusive authorised dealer of the Koenigsegg brand of hyper cars in Singapore and trading of brand new cars purchased from local dealers and through parallel importing. It also has a licensed bonded warehouse and operates as an Export Processing Zone which specialises in the exporting of pre-owned, luxury, sports and supercars.

Motorway SsangYong Pte Ltd Motorway SsangYong is the Authorised Distributor / Official Dealer for premier Korean SUV marque, SsangYong, and it is also the first distributorship acquired by Motorway. Its services also include after sales and Ssangyong automobile parts support.

Motorway Credit Pte Ltd Motorway Credit operates as a recognized agent for major financial institutions and banks that offer competitive hire purchase, various car financing and loan options for retail and wholesale customers. It is also the leading pre-owned dealer specialising in high-end luxury, sports and exotic cars in Singapore. We are currently having the largest fleet of pre-owned Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, Mclarens and Bentleys etc. in the Singapore pre-owned car market.

Motorway Car Rentals Pte Ltd Motorway Car Rentals is a well-established, premier car rental company with over 10 years of extensive experience and more than 1,000 vehicles serving locals, expats and multi-national corporations both in the short and long term rental segments of the domestic market. In addition to the standard sedans, MPVs and SUVs, the offerings under the Super Cars and Premium Luxury range include latest models and limited editions from brands like Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Rolls Royce.

Automobil Leasing Pte Ltd Automobil Leasing Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorway Car Rentals Pte Ltd that specialises in chauffeur drive and limousine services.

Motorway Car Care Centre Pte Ltd Motorway Car Care Centre is a one-stop, technologically advanced workshop to perform servicing, conduct repairs and grooming as well as after sales services. It is also an authorised insurance claims agent.



Appointed the Authorised Dealer for Swedish Hypercar Manufacturer, Koenigsegg


Fully acquired Luxe Car Rentals, a car rental company specialising in sports and exotic car rental.


Fully acquired Automobil Leasing Pte Ltd, a car rental company that specialises in limousine and chauffeur driven services.


Appointed the Authorised Dealer for Korean SUV, MPV and Sport Utility Truck Manufacturer, SsangYong


Established Motorway Pte Ltd to import new and pre-owned vehicles.


Acquired an 8-storey building at 1094 Lower Delta Road. Integration of all business lines at the new location completed in 2003.


Established Motorway Car Care Centre, a vehicle maintenance and repair workshop.


Established Motorway Car Rentals.


Continuous business expansion led to the second relocation of showroom to Jalan Kilang spanning 23,000 sqft.


C.E.O. Mr Michael Lim became a shareholder of Automobile Megamart (AML)


Rapid business expansion led to relocation of showroom to Bukit Timah Road spanning 1,200 sqft.


Established Motorway Insurance Agency as a general motor insurance agent.


Established Motorway Trading as a pre-owned car dealership and Motorway Credit Pte Ltd as a hire-purchase and commission agent.

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